Complete your wedding decorations with these exquisite Flower Heads only from Wholesale Wedding Superstore. These flower heads are a dream come true at every wedding or event venue. Whether it's a bohemian, rustic, or whimsical Scandinavian inspired theme, these flower heads are sure to make magic happen. We have all the artificial flowers you need from floor to ceiling, tables and backdrops, alongside other crafts and floristry accessories for a picture-perfect venue.


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The Magic of Flower Heads at Weddings

Add a special touch to your wedding day with Flower Heads. Not only are they vibrant, beautiful and incredibly versatile, they’re also incredibly meaningful. Flowers have traditionally been given at weddings for centuries as a symbol of new beginnings, and for many couples, Flower Heads are the perfect way to mark the start of their lives together.

Flower Heads are perfect for just about any size of wedding and theme. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to suit the style of your wedding perfectly. For those wanting a romantic, rustic feel, clay or dried Flower Heads are a perfect choice, while a more luxurious look can be created with crystal beads or shimmery garlands. Whatever look you’re after, Flower Heads are sure to bring your vision to life.

Uses for Flower Heads

Hang them as a backdrop or drape them across your reception tables for added decoration.

  1. Embellish your wedding cake with delicate spray of Flower Heads.
  2. Create search bouquets to give as favours to your guests.
  3. Add a fun and unique touch to your centrepieces by including Flower Heads.
  4. Bring unity and a crafted look to your venue by using matching flower heads.
  5. Complement a traditional bouquet with a Flower Heads around the stems.

Care Instructions

When storing Flower Heads, keep them stored in an airtight container to protect them from moisture, dust and dirt. Be careful not to squash or flatten them; you want to keep them as intact and undamaged as possible. Also, avoid the temptation to display them too close to direct sunlight or heat as this can cause the colors to fade.

Flower Heads are the perfect addition to your big day. From transforming a venue to creating extra special favors and touching centrepieces, this timeless adornment will bring a unique beauty to your wedding and hopefully be a part of your life for decades to come.