These strong and durable backdrop stands are an indispensable support for your wedding decorations. Their portability, ease of assembly, and sturdy construction make them an indispensable tool. Chose from our large range of backdrop frame and stand types to ensure you find which options best fit your needs. Decorate your backdrop stands with artificial flowers, backdrop draping and wedding fabrics, or wedding balloons


Backdrop Stand / Wedding Backdrop


Backdrops should probably be on top of your list when planning your wedding decorations. They are a staple in every venue, regardless of the theme. You would need them in both your ceremony location and reception venue. When making your display, a good backdrop does the trick for a picture-perfect setup that you want. From square, triangle, and circle — we have every option you need and more.

Backdrop Stands are easy-to-build structures, often decorated with artificial flowers and drapings. However, balloons and some fairy lights are just equally fabulous design ideas depending on the celebration. Ultimately, backdrop stands make an excellent display base for your wedding or event, indoors or outdoors.

Wholesale Wedding Superstore offers a wide variety of backdrop stands or wedding backdrops at wholesale discounted pricing. You can buy them separately or in bulk, whatever works for you and your budget. We are committed to providing Australia with affordable wedding and event essentials without sacrificing quality and design. Our products are available nationwide, and we offer swift shipping to all major cities, like Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.


Trend Alert

Top 10 Trending Wedding Backdrop Inspirations

The past few years have been very difficult for weddings or gatherings of any sort — to transpire. However, trust in people's creativity and ability to render design ideas and inspiration embracing the new normal. Most of these design predictions are meant to celebrate individuality, eccentricity, and being uniquely you (which should be a forever trend, in our humble opinion). From bold colours and monochromatic stylings to fantastical themes and whimsical designs — find your heart's desire in any of these selections. So buckle up and scroll through our top 10 trendiest wedding backdrop inspirations.


#1. Baldachin

Inspired by the hit Netflix series Bridgerton set during the regency era in London. The captivating ballroom scenes with rich historical architecture and dreamy baldachin drapery using wedding fabrics adorned lavishly with bold blooms truly inspired this idea. If you haven't seen this record-breaking Netflix series just yet, go ahead and start binge-watching it and get inspired.


#2. Vintage Nostalgia

This idea may sound old, but in our generation today, many of us like to reminisce about the good 'ole days — may that be in music, fashion, or beauty. There are things, moments, and concepts so distinctly unique about the previous eras that are still relevant today and that we all love. This design inspiration heavily takes elements from vintage colour schemes, patterns, arrangements, and even pieces of furniture.


#3. Indoor/Outdoor Fusion

It's no news that we had limited time outside for the past 2-years due to the pandemic. We saw a ton of weddings held in gardens, backyards, and even rooftops, only to be in an open-air environment where everyone can feel safe. The great thing about wedding backdrops is that they work perfectly inside and outside with decors that also work both ways.


#4. Fun-size Decors

When they said big things come in small packages — we assumed they meant this design idea. Contrary to popular belief, this is not minimalism. This idea is simply taking all your decors (as many as you want) in smaller portions or sizes for that cute, adorable finish.


#5. Smokey Metallics

The season of pastels and ombrés is long gone. We are now entering the era of shiny, glossy, and smokey metallics (we are not talking about silver and gold accents). We are talking about some smoggy greys, midnight blues, and deep reds in your draperies, blooms, and wedding accessories.


#6. Destination Themes

With the pandemic going on and different variants continuously creating an unpredictable future for all of us, couples still have reservations about doing destination weddings. However, having your dream destination as a wedding theme is still feasible. From Europe and Asia to the Americas — with the help of detailed planning and carefully curated decorations, nothing is impossible.


#7. Bold Blooms

Floral decorations in any wedding never go out of style. Fill your wedding arches and tablescape with flower arrangements that evoke joy and optimism. Having bold blooms in heartwarming colour combinations that match your accessories and favour always makes a cohesive design.


#8. Scandi Design

Clean lines, minimal decors, and simple accent pieces are the true spirit of Scandinavian design. Having less clutter evokes peace, simplicity, and cleanliness. Decorate your backdrop with minimal drapings and a bit of floral display to do the trick.


#9. Monochromatic

Remember those times when weddings used to have colour themes for decorations? That's what this idea is about but elevated. Imagine fifty shades of grey, but only this time you can pick whatever colour you want and play around with its different hues alongside the textures of the materials you decide to use.


#10. Cottagecore

This design idea is one of our personal favourites and arguably the best trend for weddings. Imagine a cottage fairy wedding, woody, whimsical, and intimate. Decorate your backdrop with sheer drapings, add some artificial twigs and forest flowers, and you're good to go.


DIY Tips and Tricks

Because we believe you can do it, here are some DIY tips and tricks for your wedding backdrop decorations.

  1. Install the Wedding backdrop stand, and make it a point to work in a space where you can freely operate around it.
  2. Secure your drapings with pins to ensure they stay how you like them and ready your craft and floristry accessories.
  3. Add your floral foam cages and secure them with zip ties around the areas you want to put flowers and greeneries.
  4. Start your floral decoration by adding the base greeneries. Placing the leaves in order of larger to smaller pieces should help position natural-looking foliage.
  5. Balance the look by starting with one stem added to each side of the floral foam cage.
  6. Start filling in with your blooms, alternating; from left to right for a lush, fuller look. Be mindful of the arcs and edges of your design to achieve a clean and elegant result. 
  7. Follow a zigzag pattern for optimum coverage when placing your blooms and greeneries downwards.
  8. After the flowers are in place, fill all the gaps with extra foliage for balance and coverup.



Backdrop stands are pretty easy to maintain. They demand very little attention as long as you get to store them in a dry place away from the harsh weather condition. After use, just put them back in the packaging they were delivered with, and you can use them again, in any event, all year long.


Tips on How to Assemble (for structures with nuts and bolts):

1. Lay all the parts of the backdrop stand on the floor

2. Organise the parts of the structure by the shape they are supposed to look like and ensure all wing nuts are facing up

3. Insert all the poles right on the edges to attach the structure altogether

4. Tighten all the wing nuts

5. Lift the structure and place it onto its legs, and then secure the wing nuts again