Whether you are after flower vines such as rose or honeysuckle, or maybe grapevines or ivy vines... if you are looking for artificial vines, we have you covered! Great for hanging and draping from walls, fences, columns, or ceilings, these vines add attractive greenery to places where more conventional artificial flower arrangements can't necessarily be placed. Check out our huge range of artificial garlands for more long, winding greenery, and feel free to add any of our other artificial flowers here and there to complete the look.

Artificial Vines

Artificial vines can be so much more than just a traditional floral decoration. They breathe a touch of nature into even the most modern of decor, lending a special kind of charm and beauty that no other flower can offer. On a special occasion like a wedding, they can add a little extra flourish and romance, creating a truly unforgettable atmosphere.

There are many reasons why artificial vines are the right choice for a wedding decor. They are cost effective, maintenance free and can easily be shaped to suit any given space. They require no watering, they will last through the entire wedding celebration, and they add a delightfully subtle touch to any arrangement. Plus, they are an eye catching addition to any floral display – creating an elegant, statement look without being overbearing.

Here's how you can use artificial vines to get the most from your wedding decor:

  1. Hang artificial vines from an arch or backdrop for a ethereal reception.
  2. Line the aisles for guests to walk through and get inspired by the vine’s colour and texture.
  3. Drape them on an altar for a look of natural luxury.
  4. For an extra touch, add LED lights which bring the decor to life.
  5. Combine them with floral headpieces to provide a nice contrast to the overall look.
  6. Place them in various containers as centre pieces to break away from traditional bouquets.
  7. If a rustic theme is desired, incorporate some faux ivy to a mason jar or open basket.

Care Instructions

When it comes to caring for your artificial vines, it’s best to keep them is a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight, to avoid them fading or degrading in quality. Though artificial, these vines are delicate and can be damaged if handled too roughly.

Although artificial vines may not have the same emotive quality as the real thing, they have a timeless charm to them. Romantic, affordable and incredibly versatile, they are the perfect decoration to add a special addition to any wedding.