Whether you are after flower vines such as rose or honeysuckle, or maybe grapevines or ivy vines... if you are looking for artificial vines, we have you covered! Great for hanging and draping from walls, fences, columns, or ceilings, these vines add attractive greenery to places where more conventional artificial flower arrangements can't necessarily be placed. Check out our huge range of artificial garlands for more long, winding greenery, and feel free to add any of our other artificial flowers here and there to complete the look.

What are Our Artificial Vines Made of?

Our Artificial Vines come in a variety of materials, depending on the specific item. Most of our products are made of Fabric, wire, and plastic.  Wire stems ensure our artificial Vine stems are flexible and easily manipulated so you can arrange them to sit exactly the way you want them to, and a combination of fabric and plastic not only allows for strength but also adds an aspect of realism.