In Store Purchases

Let yourself in, grab a trolley and start shopping. Just like a supermarket.


WWS operates from a large warehousing facility at Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast. We welcome customers to come and visit our warehouse to browse the products and purchase while you are visiting.

However please bear in mind we are a warehouse facility not a retail shop/showroom and we do not have customer service staff to help you with planning ideas etc. All our staff are normally busy packing and disptching orders. In saying that if you need help please ask as we are more than happy to help you locate items etc. If you are happy wandering around please do so.

Please Note:

  1. Website advertised sales, indicated by blue sale sticker are not available for instore purchases. These are website only specials

  2. Bulk pricing advertised on the website is not available for instore purchases

  3. We may may close certain days, it is always best to check out website before coming to our warehouse just in case we are closed on that day. We put a banner at the top of the website indicating any closures.

Because we are an operating warehouse we do have a few rules that must be abided by at all times, these rules are to ensure safety of all our visitors-

  1. Babies and Toddlers must be in a pram/stroller at all times, they are not to be carried by any method
  2. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted inside for safety reason. 
  3. No handbags of any size are permitted into our warehouse, please leave them in your car or ask a staff member to them safe for you
  4. If you need to make/answer a phone call please step outside, this is both a courtesy and safety policy


Warehouse Address:

93 Enterprise St, Kunda Park Q 4556

07 5445 1052

Opening Hours:

10am - 1pm Monday to Friday(Christmas Period Trading Times) * 

*As we are a warehouse facility we open to the public during our safest periods. We close to all public access at 1pm on the dot and do not allow access after this time due to the use of forklift and the mail collection trucks entering the facility. At 1pm we do need to ask all people to finalise there purchases. We will also close on the days that we have to unload shipping containers.