Artificial eucalyptus leaves are beautiful, and elegant, adding a touch of sophistication to your wedding decorations. Use them to create a lush and green backdrop, or to add rustic charm to your table settings. Eucalyptus is also symbolic of protection, healing, and purification, perfect for a wedding ceremony.

The soft and delicate foliage creates a calming and romantic atmosphere that will wow your guests. Combine with LED lighting and artificial flowers and make it even more special and memorable!

Bring the Outdoors in with Greenery Trees Wedding Decorations

Are you planning a rustic or woodland-style garden wedding? If so, greenery trees are the perfect decor piece to give your reception space a beautifully natural look and feel. Not only will greenery trees bring the outdoors inside in a realistic and eye-catching way, but they will also give you plenty of opportunities to get creative when it comes to styling up your reception scene.

Greenery trees can be used to divide spaces, to set off a photo backdrop or as a center point around which other decor elements are displayed. For a really polished look, why not combine your greenery trees with other pieces of vibrant foliage, gypsophila, confetti or twinkling fairy lights? You could even hang flowers or pictures from the branches if you’re feeling particularly adventurous.

Uses to Get the Most from Your Greenery Trees:

  1. Hang or place votive or tealight candles around the base of the tree for a romantic addition to your decor scheme.

  2. Place one near the entrance of the reception space to truly greet your guests in style.

  3. Set one up next to your photo backdrop for a photo opportunity with a difference.

  4. Place one behind the wedding cake for a pretty backdrop and a memorable detail for your cake cutting snaps.

  5. Add an extra touch of drama and colour to your trees with a few strategically placed artificial flowers or twinkle lights.

  6. If you have a artificial tree, then why not try placing it in a large pot and a clutch of small potted house plants to give it a more organic look.

Care Instructions:

Greenery trees are a convenient and fuss-free decoration that require minimal set up, but it’s important to ensure they remain in perfect condition between now and the big day. To ensure your greenery trees look as amazing as they are intended on the day, remember to store them in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and any moisture.

Decorating a wedding venue can be one of the most enjoyable and creative parts of planning a wedding and there’s no better way to introduce a rustic feel to your decor theme than with the help of some lush greenery trees. With their lifelike details, greenery trees are sure to add to your wedding and offer plenty of opportunities to express your creativity when it comes to styling and decorating.