Anthuriums are an enchanting and unique choice for a wedding flower.  They also look beautiful after your big day as a faux floral arrangement in your home or office. Large and attractive, our artificial Anthuriums look great on their own as statement pieces but also blend well with a plethora of other artificial flowers. White Anthuriums are the most well-known and classic colour, but we also have a green and red option if you are looking for something a little bit different and quirky.

Meaning and Significance

Anthuriums, also known as "flamingo flowers," are native to South America and symbolize hospitality, happiness, and abundance. In the language of flowers, anthuriums represent the heart, making them a popular choice for weddings. The vibrant colors and unique shape of anthuriums add a modern touch to any floral arrangement, making them a popular choice for modern weddings. Artificial anthuriums offer the same beauty and versatility as fresh flowers, but with the added benefit of lasting forever.


What Other Flowers Pair Well With Anthuriums?

Artificial flowers are a great option for weddings, offering the same beauty and versatility as fresh flowers but without the risk of wilting or fading. Here are seven flower arrangement combinations that pair well with artificial anthuriums, all of which can be found at Wholesale Wedding Superstore:

Anthuriums and Leucospermums: Combine the bold, exotic look of anthuriums with the unique texture of leucospermums for a tropical wedding theme.

Anthuriums and Acacias (Wattle): Add a touch of Australian flora to your wedding with this combination of bright, bold anthuriums and the unique texture of wattle.

Anthuriums and Daisies or Gerberas: Combine the simplicity of daisies and the boldness of anthuriums for a fun, whimsical wedding theme.

Anthuriums and Lavender Flowers: Add a touch of elegance to your wedding with this combination of delicate, aromatic lavender flowers and bold, vibrant anthuriums.

Anthuriums and Agapanthus: Combine the simplicity of agapanthus and the boldness of anthuriums for a classic, elegant wedding theme.

Anthuriums and Proteas: Combine the unique texture and bold colors of proteas with the exotic look of anthuriums for a stunning, modern wedding theme. Proteas are native to South Africa and are known for their large, dramatic blooms, making them a popular choice for modern and minimalist weddings. Pairing them with anthuriums adds a touch of tropical flair to the arrangement, creating a bold and beautiful statement piece.

Anthuriums and Lantern Flowers: Combine the delicate, whimsical look of lantern flowers with the bold, vibrant look of anthuriums for a fun, unique wedding theme.


Artificial anthuriums offer a versatile, long-lasting option for any wedding theme. Whether you're going for a classic, elegant look or a fun, whimsical theme, there's a flower combination that will pair perfectly with artificial anthuriums.