Soft and delicate, ferns are a classic, timeless plant. They can subtly bring an almost magical element into your wedding or special occasion. Our artificial ferns can act as a great base or filler for a larger artificial flower arrangement, or even make a statement on their own. Our range extends from small fern sprays to long garlands; mostly green but also in silver and white. Take your time browsing and finding exactly which fern will suit your specific needs. Once you have selected your perfect fern, feel free to browse our other Artificial Flowers and add to your arrangement.

Meaning and Significance

While ferns may not be your first thought when it comes to wedding flowers, their delicate, lush greenery adds a touch of elegance and natural beauty to any celebration. Often symbolizing new beginnings, secret love, and sincerity, ferns are an excellent choice for couples seeking a more organic and earthy atmosphere at their wedding. With their versatility and wide array of shapes and sizes, ferns can easily be incorporated into various wedding themes and styles, from woodland-inspired settings to chic and modern affairs.

What Works Well with Ferns

  1. Ferns and Roses: Combine the classic elegance of roses with the intricate greenery of ferns for a sophisticated, romantic arrangement that seamlessly merges tradition with nature.
  2. Ferns, Lavender, and Baby's Breath: Pair ferns with the soothing, fragrant lavender and delicate baby's breath for a whimsical and calming floral display that evokes a sense of serenity and charm.
  3. Ferns and Delphiniums: Mix ferns with the towering delphiniums to create an enchanting and vibrant display. The contrasting heights and textures make a captivating arrangement suitable for various wedding themes.
  4. Ferns and Peonies: Complement the bold, luxurious peonies with the soft, feathery texture of ferns for a stunning and elegant contrast that is sure to impress.
  5. Ferns, Hydrangeas, and Berries: Create a rich, textural arrangement by incorporating the lush blooms of hydrangeas, the abundance of berries, and the intricate greenery of ferns. This combination exudes warmth and natural beauty, perfect for a cozy, rustic celebration.
  6. Ferns and Sunflowers: For a more cheerful and sunny atmosphere, pair the radiant sunflowers with the verdant ferns. This delightful combination adds a touch of playfulness and joy to your wedding d├ęcor.