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Artificial Baby's Breath


For the longest time, baby's breath, otherwise called gyp or gypsophila for the plant aficionados, has always been "the bridesmaid but never the bride" in the world of wedding flowers. However, count on people's creativity in pushing the bounds of the ordinary into exceptional — the light for baby's breath flowers as a protagonistic bloom emerges. Today, you can see baby's breath thriving in runways, fashion editorials, interior decorations, and (you guessed it) weddings! Finally, gone are the days when baby's breath flowers lurk in the dark, typecasted as filler blooms — it's about time they shine.

Artificial baby's breath as a wedding flower comes with considerable advantages. One, they are easily attainable, and you can purchase them in bulk to suffice the bunch you need. Two, they come in different colours, sizes, and varieties — options make planning a breeze. Three, they work well within your budget and give you more control over your overall expenditures. Your practical advantages with using artificial baby's breath for your wedding decorations are something worth weighing for sure.

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Trend Alert 

Top 5 Trending Uses of Artificial Baby's Breath in Weddings

After being dubbed a filler queen of flowers for the longest time, a new day has dawned for the rebirth of baby's breath as a wedding flower. With the help of modern-day creatives, the renaissance of gyps is now finally on the horizon. Additionally, the use of artificial baby's breath is all the more explored than ever — hitting the trends list for most coveted wedding blooms today. Here's a quick rundown of some trending use of artificial baby's breath in weddings.


#1. Bridal Bouquet

This concept is a classic and possibly, somewhat expected use of baby's breath flowers. However, the potential for highly-realistic artificial flowers for bridal bouquets — in this case, the baby's breath — is yet to be fully explored as brides usually opt for true blooms.


#2. Flower Crown

As varieties of baby's breath flowers in different colours continuously arise, so as the immense creative possibilities that go with it. Rodarte's 2018 Spring/Summer runway collection made a clear exhibition of how baby's breath flower crowns can make the mundane into ethereal.


#3. Tablescape

Baby's breath flowers on cakes, wedding accessories and favours — life-changing! No, seriously, this delightful cloud of whimsical bloom makes an exquisite addition to your tablescape. 


#4. Arches/Arbours

This idea may sound like an "obvious" placement for gyps. However, contrary to popular belief, baby's breath flowers aren't often used on wedding arches as you think they would. That is due to their relatively small size that they can be bearly seen from afar when placed against a massive structure. Nonetheless, gyps' understated strength lies in their number — a cloud of baby's breath is stupendous.


#5. Aisle Loads

Think mystical forest with baby's breath flowers like a sea of clouds on both sides of the aisle — a picture-perfect venue off the pages of a fairytale book. All you need is some carefully curated flower arrangements and beautifully draped wedding fabrics, and you're all set.


Maintenance / Product Care Tips

The best attribute of artificial flowers is that they forever bloom — if you take good care of them. Like everything else in life, faux florals need some care and loving too. With that said, here are some product care tips to keep your silk flowers looking fresh and vibrant.


#1. When putting them out on display in vases, pots, and stands, keep your artificial blooms out from direct sunlight and into the shade. The heat from the sun causes the colour of your silk flowers to fade over time and shortens their shelf life. 

#2. To keep your faux flowers from accumulating dust, do some regular upkeeping by dusting — a low, cool blast using a hairdryer does the trick.

#3. Give your false florals a break! The ultimate tip to maintaining their fresh-from-the-box glow is occasionally putting them back in, giving them a holiday from the shelf.