Wedding & Event Chair Covers

Chair covers can dramatically change the appearance of your venue, turning plain chairs into elegant seating that complements your event's theme and decor. They help to create a cohesive and sophisticated look, making the setting more inviting and memorable for guests. Additionally, chair covers protect rental chairs from spills and stains, potentially saving you from additional cleaning or damage fees. At Wholesale Wedding Superstore, we have a large range of Chair Covers: from statement pieces such as glittery gold lycra slips, to classic crisp white polyester chair covers.  Our extensive selection ensures you can chose a cover to best match your style and personality. 

Explore Our Wedding and Event Chair Covers

Discover the perfect finish for your event seating with our extensive collection of chair covers. Our range includes lycra, small wedding, and polyester chair covers. Chose from a variety of colors, textures, and styles to match your event's theme and decor.

Lycra Chair Covers

Our lycra chair covers offer a sleek and modern look, with their stretchable fabric ensuring a smooth, snug fit on a variety of chair sizes. Ideal for creating a polished appearance, these covers are versatile and quick and easy to use. Our Lycra range is also our largest, and comes in many colours, sizes, and styles. If completely sleek and modern is not your thing, some of our lycra styles such as semi-fitted and rouched swag back covers combine the practical nature of lycra with a more flowing, decorative aesthetic.

Small Wedding Chair Covers

Specially designed for smaller or unique wedding chair styles, our small wedding chair covers are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to intimate settings or specific seating types.

Polyester Chair Covers

Choose our polyester chair covers for durability and a classic look. Polyester covers create a more tailored, flowing look. Available in both black and white, these covers provide a crisp, clean backdrop for your event's color scheme and are designed to withstand multiple uses. 

5 Ways to Get the Most out of Wedding Chair Covers

  1. Coordinate with Your Theme: Choose chair covers that complement your wedding theme and colour palette. This thoughtful coordination not only beautifies the venue but also creates a cohesive aesthetic.

  2. Customize with Accessories: Enhance the chair covers with accessories like chair sashes, bows, or artificial flowers that match your wedding decor. This adds a personal touch and can transform the look of the chairs to fit the style of your event.

  3. Consider the Venue: Select chair covers that work well with the venue’s existing decor and ambiance. For example, sleek and modern covers for a contemporary space, or more ornate designs for a traditional setting.

  4. Prioritize Fit: Invest in chair covers that fit the chairs perfectly. Well-fitting covers look more elegant and are less likely to shift or wrinkle, ensuring a tidy and professional appearance throughout the event.

  5. Use Them Strategically: Focus on key areas where chair covers will make the most impact, such as the head table, guest seating, or ceremonial chairs. This strategic use can create focal points and save on budget without compromising the overall effect.

Quality and Affordability

With a focus on quality materials and construction, our chair covers are built to last, ensuring your event looks impeccable from start to finish. We also maintain competitive prices, offering you the best value for your event needs. Explore our collection and find the ideal chair covers to transform your wedding or event space.