Drop Shipping

PLEASE NOTE:  As of 1st February 2016 we are no longer accepting any further drop ship customers.

From 1st January 2017 weare no longer able to offer blind shipping to existing dropship account holders.



As Australia's leading supplier of wholesale wedding supplies, the Wholesale Wedding Superstore ®  offers drop shipping services for Australian Customers shipping to Addresses within Australia to help you save time, cut shipping costs and eliminate the need and expense of carrying unnecessary stock. We DO NOT offer an international dropshipping service outside of Australia.

What is drop shipping?
Drop shipping is a process of selling our products to you without you having to retain stock yourself. Simply put, instead of us shipping your order to you, so that you then have to ship it to your customer, we can ship the merchandise directly to the customer on your behalf. This avoids double handling and additional shipping costs. There is no communication between your customer and WWS. Your customers will not receive an email or an invoice from us. The only communication with the customer is from you. They are still your customers and it is still you selling them the merchandise; we are just helping you streamline your inventory and order fulfillment process. Drop shipping is especially useful for web-based businesses, wedding supplies, wedding decorations and wedding discount websites.

What do I need to do to get a drop shipping account?

IMPORTANT: If you do not notify us that you would like to be a drop shipping customer your account will not be set to drop shipping status and your customers will receive packing slips and invoices with Wholesale Wedding Superstore®  details on them rather that your business’s information

  1. You will need to have a fully approved wholesale account with WWS and then email us to advise you wish to use our drop shipping service. 
  2. Once your account is approved you need to email us and request your account to be converted to a dropshipping account
  3. We will notify you when your account has been converted to dropshipping account then you need to log into your account on our website and click on the following link. 


  4. Insert your custom footer to appear on the packing slip within you parcels
  5. Upload your own logo company logo, this will appear on the packing slips with your orders
  6. If you wish to receive a copy of our product file feeds everyday you will need to purchase the product on the following link, we will then create a feed to your email address everyday with stock updates for your website.  The data feed files gives you a csv file to upload our entire inventory into your website as well as stock levels to maintain your inventory. The inital charge is a one off payment just to set up the feed to supply you this information  http://www.wholesaleweddingsuperstore.com.au/p/Product-Data-Feed/data_feed
  7. If you wish to use our images on your site you will need to apply for access to use these image. Please ensure you have approval before using the images as these are covered by international copyright laws which we do enforce. To do so please complete this click this link to go to our image authorisation page then download the file, complete and send back. We will notify you once approval is granted.  http://www.wholesaleweddingsuperstore.com.au/v/image-authorisation-form/747

*Please bear in mind all images and text including products contained on our site are subject to copyright laws and must not be copied or duplicated in any way. Having a dropship account does not entitle you to use these items, permission needs to be granted before you can any images or text contained on our site.

How do I place a drop ship order?
1. Add all the items you need to have drop shipped for your order to your shopping cart.

2. Once you are finished, you can use the view cart option to check all items are correct. If you have multiple orders in one cart please ignore any freight calculations on this page because this will change later in the ordering process as you divide up the order to the different recipients.
3. Once you are sure your order is correct, proceed to Checkout.

4. On the Checkout page, you will need to make sure you are logged into your account.

5.  Locate the shipping area in step 2 of Checkout. You can enter the shipping address/es in this area, please ensure at this point you only enter your own phone number do NOT enter your customers phone number as we may contact them by mistake if there is an issue with the order.

6. If you are using a multi shipping order please select which items are shipping to which address, along with choosing the freight charge for each order. (remember NOT to include your customers phone number)

6. Once you are satisfied the order/s are correct, please choose your payment details.

7. You will be prompted to agree to our terms and conditions.

8. Click on Confirm & Process Order.

Fees and Charges Associated with your drop ship account
Our drop shipping service is free of charge. There are no additional charges on your order for using this service. However, there are charges we apply when changes need to be made:

  • If you wish to cancel an order that has been placed on the system, there is a $5.00 administration fee applied to your account.
  •  If you wish to change the address on an order already dispatched from our warehouse, a $5.00 administration fee will apply along with any redelivery fees from the courier.
  •  If you wish to cancel an order that has already been posted to your customer the following fees will apply:
    • $5.00 administration fee to cancel and a store credit given the order.
    • Return Postage charges-- this will be charged to your account at the rate the shipping company for the return charges us. These rates usually are higher than we charge you as they are non-contract rates applied by the shipping companies. An admistration charge of $5 will also apply before a refund is issued.

 ​All drop ship orders are shipped with your own address as the sender. Labels are generated automatically from the address information you provide at checkout. If an order is returned to you by the shipping company for, but not limited to, reasons of insufficient address, undeliverable or unclaimed by the addressee, then any return postage fees from that carrier will by your own responsibility.
Terms and conditions for drop shipping:


  • All communication in regards to dropship orders must be via email only. We operate our dropshipping program as a free service to help you and as such we will not be able to answer phone queries in regards to these matters if you are a dropship customer
  • Your account with us can be cancelled at any stage by management with no notice given if you do not adhere to our general terms and conditions of trade and our additional dropshipping terms. 
  • Wholesale Wedding Superstore does not provide authorised use of the images and text contained within our site. These items are covered by international copyright laws and must not be copied or duplicated for commercial purposes. Even with a dropship account this does not give you access to use the images
  • Please remember at all times that you are outsourcing your work load to somebody else and as such we demand respect at all times, especially if something does go wrong along the way. If your customer is unhappy with something we have done you need to sort that out with them direct as you have chosen this method to run your business, we just offer the service to help you. If you infer that we have affetected your busniness reputation or any other accusation your account will be suspended, no notice will be given. 
  • Postage Charges are none negotiable. The prices are as shown at checkout, we use Australia Post eParcel and Couriers Please. 
  • Postage Times - All orders no matter whether Express Post or Regular mail are subject to a minimum 1 business day handling time, this handling time may be longer during peak periods.
  • The buyer (owner of drop shipping account) accepts responsibility for all return postal charges for items returned due to, but not limited to, incorrect/insufficient address supplied, receiver’s refusal to accept goods, receiver not claiming parcel from depots, and receiver returning goods while not paying postage charges. These return charges will be deducted from any refund owed to you. If there is not enough to cover the refund, a new invoice will be posted for payment.
  • Fragile items such as mirrors and vases are shipped at the buyer’s responsibility, we do not recommend these items are suitable for dropshipping. If you choose to have these items drop shipped, you do so at your own risk. We make no warranty against damage or loss in transit for these items. Our fragile insurance is not valid for drop ship items. If you choose insurance at checkout.
  • Drop shipping service is available to Australian addresses only. We do not offer an international drop ship service.
  • WWS does not guarantee inventory in terms of in-stock status or restock dates. Inventory status information is estimated and may change without notice. Likewise product prices, descriptions and designs may also change without notice. If an item is out of stock, we will dispatch the remainder of the order, issue a refund on that missing item/s and then notify you.
  • Wholesale Wedding Superstore®  accepts no responsibility for delayed delivery times from contracted shipping companies.
  • Insurance is available against packages lost in transit. If this option is not chosen we will not be held responsible for items not received.
  • Redelivery fees and return postage charges for futile deliveries may be charged to you if the carriers charges us
  • SATCHEL DELIVERIES: From January 2016 we are offering a variety of satchel delivery options. 
    •  500gm Couriers Please satchels are discounted and only available with Authority to Leave. We have no signature on delivery options on that satchel. Your request for signature will be ignored.
    • All other Courier satchels we advise to use no signature on delivery. If your customer is not home and does not organise redeliver the courier company will return the order to us and charge us the same initial cost of your original postage. This charge along with a admistration/restocking fee will be added to your account before any refund is processed.
    • As in our standard terms and conditons exclusions apply for returns, exchanges, refunds and damaged claims for items posted in satchels that were suitable for satchel delivery. The satchels are a plastic satchel, no packaging, protective material or box is provided in these charges. Items not suitable for posting in satchels are flowers, glasswear, mirrors, any fragile items (apply common sense, will it be ok in a plastic satchel with no protection), 

For all issues with a drop ship order, please follow our returns poilicy below. Our dropshipping service is offered free of charge to you and these policies must be adhered to.

  • We do not accept returns for dropship order for any reason. You must organise the return to yourself and keep the products in your own inventory
  • All claims for a damage, missing or incorrect item claim must be lodged within 1 business days of receipt of the parcel to be valid. You will need to ensure your own terms and conditions note the same.
  • For errors or damage in transit claims, you will need to notify us via email stating the order number and attaching a photograph of the item(s) and or damaged box received. No claim will be looked into unless this information is provided. If you are unable to provide this, we cannot proceed any further with your claim. If you are unwilling to request this from your customers we would suggest our drop shipping service is not suitable for you.
  • If an error is made and the incorrect items are sent we will not resend the item out. A paid return address will be supplied and a store credit on the item will be processed to your account

For product omissions on orders, a store credit will be issued and we will not repost the missing items out to your customer.
Damage in transit: 

When insurance has been selected at checkout - missing or incorrect items a store credit will be issued and we will not repost the damaged item out to your customer.

No insurance chosen at checkout - we do not cover any damage or loss, once posted we have fulfilled out contract with you and there is no coverage for loss or damage in tranist 

These policies, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

If you are using our drop ship service, you are deemed to have agreed to the above noted conditions of this service. These terms are none negotiable. If at any stage you choose to argue or not comply with these terms your dropshipping account will be terminated along with your wholesale access.

Please check back periodically for updates, changes and revisions to our policies, terms and conditions. The Wholesale Wedding Superstore®  
looks forward to supporting your wholesale wedding party supplies drop shipping business.