Are you looking to add some sleek and sophisticated finish to your wedding tables? Our collection of black tablecloths is perfect for you. The colour black brings forth an atmosphere of formality, wealth, and elegance. They are perfect for weddings, any type of event, or formal functions.

We have tablecloths in all shapes and sizes. From square, round, or trestle tables in any length required, we got you covered. They come in varying fabrics too. We have the all-time favourites, polyester and cotton. If you are looking for some stylish and ultra-functional options, we offer sequined fabrics, satin, lycra, and plastic tablecloths to protect your table from spills and dirt. For some colour and texture, these tablecloths have one for any theme and design aesthetic you desire.

Top 3 Things To Note When Decorating With Black

Black is back! Just like a 90s' pop song or your old mom jeans, trends from previous years are here to make a comeback better than ever, and so is the colour black. Black has never been this big when it comes to wedding and event decorations since the 80s' and the 90's — the rise of punk and grunge. But just like all the trends today inspired by decades ago, black has evolved from being just dark and mysterious to signifying a highly stylish and elegant aesthetic. When styled correctly, black is a powerful colour that can revolutionise your wedding or event decorations. That is why we are here to give you the top 3 things to note when decorating with black.


#1: Black as a backdrop

Black as an accent wall for your wedding or event photo station is a great idea. However, a plain black wall may appear flat and monotonous when not layered with the right accent pieces. An addition of some fairy lights to have that effect of taking photos underneath a starry night would be a great alternative to up your design ante. The texture is also one thing to consider. To have a black backdrop with two or three other textured pieces like patterns, batten lines, sequined fabrics, or some flower bits on the edges of the frame can make a huge difference.


#2: Black for your tables

Having black tablecloths for your table setting can be a lifesaver. Not only that it conceals the imperfections of your design, but it also hides spills and dirt from hitting the ground or your guests' shoes. And if there are kids around, you will surely need something to match their energy around food. Decorating your table in black comes with multiple design options. You can cover them with a fitted fabric for that sleek and tidy look, or you can have fun with the drapings and skirtings. A black table cloth can make your table decoration pop even more as it acts as an accent shadow that creates a levitating effect in everything you put on it. How cool is that?


#3: Colours to match black

When it comes to mixing and matching, black is an easy colour to work with alongside other decorations. We all know that black looks stunning when paired with red and white. Nevertheless, if you are looking to elevate and maximise its full potential, we suggest that you pair it with some exciting colour tones to elevate your design aesthetic. Black matches with earthy tones like deep green or cognac wood tones, so having some plants around for your centrepiece or wooden chairs would be a great statement. For your metals, warm brassy hues leaning to gold would be a perfect match made in heaven.


There you go! Some great tips for your wedding and event decorations to elevate your design and explore some creative opportunities along the way. You can check out our collection of tablecloths and see what matches your needs. Our linens are made with fun and exciting materials that last. They don't just look pretty. They are highly functional as well. For your cover-up or table protection requirements, we got all the options you need right here. Ultimately, black is an amazing colour to work with for your wedding or event design options. We, here at Wholesale Wedding Superstore, support that. So take a trip down our wide array of black pieces to complete your celebration.