Artificial Greenery

When it comes to wedding decorations for bridal bouquets, ceremonies, and receptions, or even simply beautifying your own home, a touch of greenery will do wonders in personalising and adorning your space. There is faux greenery to suit every theme and style: from the classic trailing artificial ivy and other artificial vines to our fun and tropical artificial palm leaves


Whether you are after a bunch of leafy stems to complement your artificial bouquet or a long and meandering greenery garland, we have you covered with our extensive range of artificial greenery. Here at Wholesale Wedding Superstore, we offer wholesale discounted pricing every day. Add To Cart. Save More. Checkout Now!

Questions You May be Asking...

Should I go for foliage only, or use my greenery as a compliment to Flowers?

This is the first thing you need to decide when browsing through our Artificial Greenery pages. If you are looking to go for artificial foliage only, then tables, pillars and ceilings can be adorned with long and winding greenery garlands, and large vases can be filled with artificial leaves and branches. Remember also that going for the 'foliage only' option doesn't mean that the only colour option is green: we offer many of our artificial leaves and branches in various colours; from Gold Palm Leaves to red or even lavender coloured Artificial Eucalyptus Leaves. We also provide a range of Decorative Branches if you want to add interest without going down the stereotypical floral route.

On the other hand, our huge range of Artificial Flowers means that if you are so inclined, there will always be the perfect flower to match every leaf, or vice versa! Greenery can add softness, height, or interest to your artificial bouquet or flower arrangement. There are the classic combinations, such as combining our soft artificial Ferns with some of our exquisite artificial Roses, and then there are more interesting combinations, such as adding a metallic silver monstera leaf to a bunch of artificial Native Australian Flowers. The ability to combine greenery with flowers provides an opportunity for your personality to shine!

One more tip when combining greenery with flowers: If you have your heart set on fresh flowers, there is also the option of saving time and the headache of finding fresh greenery as well (particularly if it is something delicate and easily broken such as ferns or moss). Fresh flowers added to artificial greenery will allow you to display those blooms you had your heart set on, but also alleviate some of the stress on the day. Our durable and pliable fake greenery can be positioned exactly where you want it to go, and stay looking that way forever! It can be set up in the days before, and the fresh flowers quickly added on the day.

What materials are these Artificial Greenery products Made of?

Our Artificial Greenery products come in a variety of materials, depending on the specific item. Wire stems ensure our artificial greenery stems are flexible and easily manipulated so you can arrange them to sit exactly the way you want them to, and a combination of fabric and plastic not only allows for strength but also adds an aspect of realism. A tip when browsing through our Artificial Greenery products… check out the quality of each product on their product page.  We range from budget fillers to high-quality, real-touch products so that every need and budget is catered for.

What are some tips to keep my Artificial Greenery Products looking their best?

Fake Leaves are much easier to look after than the real deal, but there are still some useful tips you can employ to ensure they can look their best well into the future…

  • Due to transportation, your leaves may need to be re-arranged and straightened out. The beauty of artificial foliage is that the stems won’t snap and bruise if you bend and manipulate them into the perfect position!
  • Weekly dusting will ensure your Artificial Leaves and branches will look pretty and bright. Use a microfibre cloth, a hairdryer set to low heat, or even a vacuum cleaner set to its lowest setting, with a stocking secured over it by a rubber band.
  • Salt is such an incredible preserver that it can even preserve Artificial Flowers and Leaves! Shake your leaves in a resealable bag of coarse salt, and let the salt gently scratch through and loosen any grime and dust coating your leaves. Cornmeal can be used as an alternative to salt if no salt is available.
  • Silk Flower Cleaning Sprays are effective and easy (no wiping required), but also generally expensive.