7 Creative Tips for Decorating Wedding Reception Tables

Decorating wedding reception tables is a challenge for everyone. There are a great number of details you need to take into account when choosing everything from tablecloths to table numbers. These special tips will help you design amazing table settings fit for your most special day.

Mix the Shapes

Make your tables look original by foregoing the traditional round plates. You can try for a shape that matches that of the table or something completely unique to enhance the theme of the celebration and/or the centerpiece.

‘Slim Up’ Your Table

You can make the table seem longer and slimmer by using a combination of a graphic runner over a tablecloth in a solid, dark colour. Elongating the tables can affect the look of the venue as a whole, set these along large windows to create an aristocratic design.

Fill Up Rectangular Tables to Add Some Charm

Large rectangular tables have a lot of space that wouldn’t seem attractive if left empty. You can solve this problem by dispersing small decorations all over the place, instead of using only a single centerpiece. Note that you don’t want to fill every available spot, as this will only make the table look cluttered. Lanterns and candles make the best choices for ‘space fillers’.

Get Bold with Layers

Layering table linens allows you to create a spectacular setting that will enhance the theme and can make any venue look fantastic. Don’t be afraid to use bold colour combinations and enhance the overall look with the centerpieces. Combining a patterned runner with textured vases and geometric centerpiece can give your wedding a very attractive, modern look.

Spread Out the Flowers

Florists eat up a huge part of the wedding budget, but you can cut the costs without losing the beauty offered by fresh flowers by foregoing large centerpieces. Opt for several small pieces and spread them around the table. This saves you money as well as it creates a more intimate setting.

Go for Minimalistic Designs

The beauty of minimalism is that it’s both classy and economic. Don’t go for lavish decorations that include lots of flowers and expensive china. Instead, choose simply folded quality napkins and stylish but simple centerpieces. If you set the whole table with the details that match in style, the overall look will be very harmonic and attractive, even without the veneer of opulence.

Pretty Up the Chairs

Using chair covers can help you complete the theme of the wedding and enhance the ‘atmosphere’ you are trying to create when decorating wedding reception tables. This will also be cheaper than renting new stylish chairs to fit the theme. 

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