Backyard Wedding Bliss: Save Big on Your Special Day

Dreaming of a beautiful wedding but feeling the pinch of rising costs? A backyard celebration could be the perfect solution! Not only is it budget-friendly, but it also offers intimacy, flexibility, and a chance to show off your DIY skills. Let's dive into the benefits and get you inspired to create your perfect day at home.

Explore how backyard weddings save on rentals, catering, and more: Backyard weddings offer serious freedom when it comes to controlling costs. Here's how they can lighten the load on your wedding budget:

  • Skip the Venue Rental: Traditional venues often come with hefty price tags. Your backyard is a blank canvas for your celebration, saving you thousands!
  • Flexible Catering Options: Choose a caterer within your budget, go the "bring a plate" with contributions from loved ones, or even create a fun food truck experience. You're not bound by venue restrictions.
  • DIY Decor: With a backyard wedding, there's no need to rent an entire space worth of decor. String lights, lanterns, flowers from your garden or our artificial flowers – get creative and save big on rentals.
  • Reduced Staffing: Depending on your guest count and setup, a backyard wedding may mean fewer or no need to not use servers, bartenders, and other event staff.
  • Transportation Savings: No shuttles or buses are required! Guests can arrive independently, and you can likely walk down the "aisle" from your own home.


Cozy & Personal: Make it YOURS! A backyard wedding gives you complete control to create an intimate space that reflects your unique love story. Ditch the cookie-cutter venue and let your personality shine through:

  • Relaxed & Inviting: Set the tone with a laid-back atmosphere where guests feel comfortable and at ease, just like a gathering in your own home. Think comfy seating areas, twinkling lights, and a welcoming vibe.
  • The Joy of DIY: Make the planning process as special as the day itself! Incorporating DIY elements adds meaning and saves money. Paint your own signs, arrange wildflowers, or put together personalized favours.
  • Your Story, Your Style: From the photo display highlighting your journey to the playlist filled with your favourite songs, infuse your backyard wedding with details that are uniquely you. Guests will feel the love in every corner!
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Important Note: Backyard weddings still involve expenses. Factor in things like marquee rentals (if necessary), portable restrooms, and potential permits from your local council.

Ready to embrace the backyard wedding trend? Browse our budget-friendly collection and start planning your dream day today!