Paper Lanterns: Your Secret to Instant Event Charm!

Don't bother with those boring overhead lights! Paper lanterns will bring you instant charm and a touch of magic to your wedding, backyard party, and everything in between. Whether you want a soft, romantic glow or a burst of festive colour, lanterns are the affordable decor solution you need. 


The Power of Lanterns

Lighting in an Instant: Wedding Lanterns aren't just lights, they change the whole mood of a space. Picture a cozy, starlit dinner under twinkling white lanterns, or a dance floor buzzing with energy under vibrant colours.

Ultimate Versatility: From rustic barns to sleek modern venues, paper lanterns work with ANY style. Go minimalist with simple shapes or bold with patterns and textures. The possibilities are endless!

Budget Superstars: Even a small investment in the amazing products makes a HUGE impact. They're perfect for DIY brides on a budget or anyone who wants to maximize their décor dollars.

Paper Wedding Lanterns in Pastel Colours













Battery Lanterns vs. Festoon: Choosing the Right Glow

  • Battery-Operated Wonders: The easiest way to add whimsical glow anywhere! Pop battery-powered LED lights inside your lanterns for tables, centrepieces, or hanging installations. (Bonus: No messy cords to hide!)

  • Festoon Flair: String festoon lights woven through lanterns create a warm, vintage vibe perfect for outdoor receptions or patio parties. Choose bulbs that match your desired mood, from warm white, through traditional white to cooler blue white.


Paper Wedding Lanterns Outside with Festoon Lighting













Lantern Inspiration: Weddings & Beyond

  • Ceremony Magic: Line the aisle, hang garden party lanterns from trees, shepherd hooks...paper lanterns set a romantic tone the moment guests arrive.

  • Reception Must-Have: Over tables, the dance floor, strung above an outdoor bar...our wedding lanterns will make every part of the celebration feel special.

  • Not Just for Weddings: Backyard birthdays, graduation parties, even cozy movie nights at home – any event is instantly upgraded with a few of these babies!

White Paper Lanterns used in ourdoor tea party or wedding













Pro Tips 

  • Mix & Match: Different sizes and colours create more visual interest.

  • Height Matters: Hang lanterns at varying heights to add depth and dimension to your space.

  • Test Your Glow: Always check how your lighting looks at night before the big event!

Colourful Paper Lanterns Hanging from trees at an outdoor wedding













Ready to Get Glowing?

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With a bit of creativity, you can easily transform your next event no matter the budget, leaving your guests enchanted. Now go spread that magic!

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