How To Have The Perfect Beach Wedding

With so many beautiful beaches in Australia and the beautiful summer days we can expect each year, it’s no surprise that many couples opt to take their wedding day out into nature. A beach can be a dreamy romantic venue for your wedding, with incredible views and a romantic vibe that’s difficult to match with a traditional venue. However, if you neglect proper planning, the day does have the potential to turn into a disaster. Follow these tips to make sure your beach wedding matches up to the romantic ideal of your dreams.



  1. Pick your shoes wisely. You may have shoe shopping pretty far down your wedding preparation to-do list, but an uncomfortable pair of high heels could completely spoil your beach wedding day. Ditch the high heels and pick a pair that’s guaranteed not to sink into soft sand. Who wants to be sinking down the aisle on their big day? Not us.
  2. Choose a light dress. A huge puffy princess dress may work well in a different style of venue, but it will look out of place and uncomfortable on the beach. Lightweight fabrics and bohemian styles work best for weddings on the beach. Be wary of lace trims – sand can easily get caught in the lace and spoil the look completely.
  3. Get a professional involved. There are certain elements of planning involved in a beach wedding that are best left to professional wedding planners. We’re talking sudden changes in weather, hordes of sunbathers trying to pitch up while you’re exchanging rings, and permits required to set up your special day on the sand. All of these can easily be dealt with by a specialist wedding planner, taking the stress off of you so you can focus on enjoying your wedding.
  4. Get your timing right. Choosing the right date and time of day could make or break your beach wedding. The temperature and sun rays will change depending on the hour of the day, so consider how hot you’d like the weather to be and whether you’ll need shade or not. High heats may prevent you from getting shivery in your wedding gown, but they can be uncomfortable for children and older guests. Be sure to check the tide schedules, too, so that you don’t get washed away in the waves.
  5. Opt for flowers that do well in heat. Certain flowers will work well for a beach wedding, while others could quickly wilt in the focus of the sun’s rays. Consult with your florist to ensure that your blooms are going to look their best on your big day. 

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