When Should I Have My Wedding - Friday or Sunday?

There are so many things to consider for your big day that it is easy to overlook a few things. One of the most common parts that gets forgotten about is the actual day the wedding will land on. Saturday weddings have always been popular for a number of reasons, but there is quite a big difference in price when compared to a Friday or Sunday date. Non-Saturday weddings are almost always the more affordable option, and vendors will have a much less packed schedule if you opt for a non-Saturday date.

If you are considering a wedding date that is not a Saturday, then Friday’s or Sunday’s are your next best alternative. This post hopes to look at some of the differences between the two days and how they might affect your big day. Hopefully, this will let you consider your options a little more comprehensively before making a decision for yourself.

Friday Weddings


  • There is no doubt that a Friday wedding has a lot going for it. For starters, everyone looks forward to this day of the week, so why not start the weekend off with a magical wedding? Better yet, a good wedding will take it out of the best of us, so a full weekend to recover is a bit of a godsend.
  • If you work with a Friday wedding, then you will only be occupying your guests evenings. Most Friday weddings will accommodate for working hours, so will not start until 5 or 6pm. When compared to a weekends long, eight to ten hour wedding day, Friday weddings generally last five hours.


  • Due to time constraints, a wedding planned for a Friday might have more late arrivals. Many people coming directly from work will most likely be hard-pressed to make it to your vows on time, so you will need to prepare for that. A good workaround is a recorded version to pass around.

Sunday Weddings


  • Sunday is a great time for a wedding, as the event can be a culmination of celebrations. You can plan your entire weekend around the wedding, with everything tying up nicely on Sunday night. Better yet, Sunday weddings tend to run a little earlier than usual, so you can expect things to wrap up at around 10pm.
  • With an entire weekend to fill up with activities, you have more time soak up your celebrations. Do not miss this rare opportunity to make it a weekend that is dedicated to joy, fun and love.


  • Unfortunately, not all of your guests will have Monday off. That means holding back on the festivities of your wedding and, potentially, not having as much fun. It might also mean a lot of your guests will have to leave early for work in the morning.

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