A fresh white tablecloth is a staple for every wedding or event. It makes every occasion looks sharp and spotless. However, as immaculately beautiful as these white tablecloths may seem on their own, using them as a base for your decorative pieces like table runners, napkins, and floral arrangements can make a huge difference in elevating your event design aesthetics.

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5 White Tablecloth Options For Your Wedding Or Event

White tablecloths are a universal must-have for any wedding or event. A white tablecloth can look immaculate on its own or can be a base for some added decorations — talk about a perfectly clean canvas. Having fresh white linens adorned with some exciting table runners, colourful table napkins, flower arrangements, accent pieces like candle holders, running lights, and charger plates is just a fun and exciting view. Now, not all white tablecloths are created equal. Here are five (5) white tablecloth options for your wedding or event.


#1. Polyester

The all-time favourite white polyester tablecloth we all know and love. Polyester tablecloths are easy to clean, very durable and hold up pretty well after multiple uses. They dry quicker than most fabrics and get wrinkled less, saving you time pressing or steaming when decorating. They are stain-resistant, which is what we all need for every occasion.


#2. Satin

If you are looking for a tablecloth that would only cost you a fraction of the more expensive ones but get something with just as great of an impact, a white satin tablecloth is the only one for you. Satin tablecloths are basically luxury on a budget. They're shiny, they drape, and they look classy on your table setting. They are good to look at as much as they feel great to the touch.


#3. Embroidered

White embroidered table cloths are great time savers when decorating. They can stand on their own and only need a little bit of pinning here and there, and voila! Your decoration is complete. They require very little attention when styling, which means more time for you celebrating. However, when needed, embroidered tablecloths are very adaptable to other decorations as well. Throw in some floral display, a plain table runner or some table overlay, and you're good to go. 


#4. Lycra

White lycra tablecloths, this unconventional fabric used often in sportswear products, are now available in tablecloths. Its ability to stretch and take the mould of your table makes this type of tablecloth very unique. These tablecloths come in different lengths and shapes to make sure that they match the form of the table you wish to cover without stretching too much that you can see through the sheer parts. White lycra tablecloths are very versatile in terms of decorating too. They are a breeze to work with, and you can glam them up as you wish.


#5. Sequined 

Yet another shade of white in shimmering metallic glow, perfect for glamming up your table setting — that is the power of a silver sequined tablecloth. Sequined tablecloths need no more introductions. Just thinking about how they glow, and catch light from their surroundings, is just undeniably stunning. Silver sequined tablecloths can easily add depth and texture to your design aesthetics. They have this effortless ability in transforming a venue into an absolute wedding daydream.


There you have it! All you need to know about the five (5) types of white tablecloth options for your wedding or event. It is incredible to know that using white linens has evolved so much over time. That we now have more than one option to suffice our needs. In conclusion, yes, white tablecloths are not created equal. That is only because every single one of them has a unique ability and specific features to exactly match what you need and how you need them.