Does your venue have boring old chair covers? Why not liven up those dull and boring chairs at your wedding reception with our wholesale wedding chair sashes and Cheap chair covers. For corporate events you can speed up the setup by using our cheap wedding chair covers and lycra chair bands, both are quick to install and great when you have lots of chairs to dress. Wedding Chair covers are available in Lycra and Polyester and we have various styles suitable for any sized chair. Lycra Chair Covers are a cheap and quick cover to hide chair, wash and put on the chairs. These are great for corporate event. Polyester is normally used for a wedding reception as it is a more semi fitted and flowing chair cover, however we have added a semi fitted Lycra to our range so you can also have the best of both worlds now

Elegant Wedding Chair Covers

On a wedding day, every detail matters and wedding chair covers add sophistication and flair to any setting. These chair covers provide a simple way to bring a touch of grace to the special occasion. Whether used as a stand-alone piece or paired with other decorations, these beautiful covers complete the wedding look. Choose wedding chair covers to give your special day a classic touch.

Why Choose Wedding Chair Covers for Your Big Day?

Wedding chair covers are the perfect combination of elegance and convenience. Not only are they a beautiful way to dress up your chairs, but they are also incredibly easy to use. They simply slip over most standard folding chairs, adding an instant touch of class. Embellished with trim, lace, or beads, these covers can be used to match the reception theme. They are also an affordable way to add a little bit of luxury.

5 Ways to Get the Most out of Wedding Chair Covers

  1. Use them with other décor pieces such as ribbons, sashes, and throws to create an unforgettable look.
  2. Choose different colors or textures of covers to set apart the bride and groom chairs.
  3. Repurpose the covers after the wedding to decorate a nursery or bedroom.
  4. Request that family and friends donate covers as wedding gifts.
  5. Look for similar décor items made from the same material, such as table linens, napkins, and runners.

Care Instructions

Wedding chair covers must be dry cleaned to maintain the integrity and quality. Consider dry cleaning the covers before and after the wedding to keep them in top shape.

Creating a beautiful wedding is easier when you have the right decorations. Wedding chair covers add an elegant and timeless finish to an unforgettable occasion. Utilize other décor pieces to create the perfect backdrop and bring special meaning to the celebration. With the right touches, your wedding day will be full of style and grace from start to finish.