Make Your Wedding More Original with Creative Use of Candles

There are so many beautiful wedding decorations available today that choosing which to use at your own celebration can be hard. However, candles have always stood out among other decorations due to their special charm and ability to create a fantastic atmosphere at any party. Creative use of candles can lighten up your romantic celebration in more than one way.

Floating Candles + Water + Flowers

You can create fantastically beautiful and elegant pieces using simple, transparent glass vials filled with water and fresh flowers. Adding a single floating candle to each will complete the romantic piece. The design of your glass containers and the flower can be anything you like to match the theme of the party. The burning candle will create the air of intimacy and add an intricate play of light to the setting.

Floating Candles on the Floor

Line the aisle with thin, elongated containers of clear glass filled with water and floating candles to create a truly charming setting. This will be a perfect decoration idea for evening celebrations when the soft glow of the candles will be an ornament in its own right. You can have the water coloured to enhance the theme.

Suspended Candles in Floral Arrangements

This idea works best for an outdoor wedding with large floral arrangements or surrounding vegetation. Decorating them with tiny candles will light up the party after the sun sets and create the illusion of small butterflies. If you are using this idea indoors, be very careful to ensure that the lights are actually far enough from the ornaments so as not to risk a fire.

Put Chandeliers Outdoors

Hang large chandeliers with wax candles over the tables for your outdoor wedding. They will enhance the atmosphere and help light up the tables beautifully in the evening. The soft light from the candles will create a more intimate and comfortable atmosphere than electric lights you can install outdoors.

Candles Around the Wedding Cake

Make your wedding cake look even more amazing by lining the table it stands on with tiny candles. Romantic candlelight will play on the cake decorations, enhancing the shadows and making the whole thing look more beautiful.

Create Candle Ornaments

Combine candles of varying sizes and shapes, but in the same colour to create thematic arrangements. You can make words this way or structures that resemble buildings or objects that have a special meaning for the newlyweds. Such an arrangement will look marvelous when you light it up in the evening, but remember that the candles will change shape when they burn down.

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