Organising a Perfect Wedding: Tips for Dressing Your Bridesmaids

Author: Amanda Beswick   Date Posted:8 March 2017 

Every detail of the wedding celebration matters, but there is no arguing the fact that the clothes of the main ‘participants’ of the celebration take a special spot. Of course, the bride’s dress and groom’s outfit are the key attraction, but dressing your bridesmaids is also important. So, you need to choose their gowns wisely.

Celebrate Your Differences

The times when bridesmaids had to be wearing the very same dress design are long gone. Today, it’s all about highlighting one’s natural attractive traits. Of course, you can choose dresses that will fit the general theme and colour scheme of the celebration. However, you should choose individual designs that will complement every girl’s unique beauty and stature.

Consider the Costs

If the bridesmaids are paying for their own dresses, you must take their financial situations into account when making the decisions. Otherwise, you will need to make sure that your wedding budget can stretch to include the exact style of dress you want. The sooner you start researching the better as this way, you’ll be able to find perfect and affordable options.

Make Sure the Dresses Fit Perfectly

If you are the one ordering bridesmaids dresses, be sure to include a session with a seamstress about a week before the wedding. This way, the pieces will be perfectly tailored to the girls so everyone will be happy during the celebration. Doing this a few months in advance might not be the best idea as your bridesmaids might gain or lose weight.

Let Your Bridesmaids Shine

Having the bride’s entourage wear some subdues outfits so as not to outshine the bride herself is an outdated notion. No one can take the spotlight off the happy couple on their special day, so you can and should let your bridesmaids wear dresses decorated with beads, studs, or sparkles as long as they aren’t too glittery. These costumes will definitely add a special shine to the festivities and your wedding photos.

Get Dresses of Varying Length

Dressing up your bridesmaids in gowns that feature the same style but differ in length allows for a fantastic picture. This will be the perfect option if you want to have uniform bridesmaids dresses, but still want to give every girl a chance to show off her unique beauty.

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