How to Make Sure Your Wedding Isn’t Ruined by Rain

Through all the planning, excitement, nerves and stress, the weather is always at the back of any bride’s mind. Instead of crossing your fingers and toes, searching for impossible 180-day weather forecasts and forcing people to tell you that the season has been sunnier than normal, why not take things into your own hands? Rain doesn’t have to be a dampener on your special day: with a decent approach, it can even add to the occasion.

Be decisive in your planning

Even if you’re tying the knot during the warmer months, it never hurts to have a contingency plan in place so that all bases are covered. Don’t bother curling up in a ball and agonising over the possibility of wet weather — write down how you can make the day go smoothly if the rain comes down and take comfort in the fact that you’ll be ready for it. Want an outdoor ceremony? Have an outdoor ceremony! Bring out the waterproof makeup and tell your guests to bring umbrellas and some fashionable gumboots, because this is YOUR day and Mother Nature ain’t gonna ruin it.

Discuss the possibility of rain with your suppliers

It’s important to make sure the venue, caterers and florists meet your expectations, but it’s useful to remember that they are professionals and likely very used to the prospect of a wet wedding. Talk to them in advance to find out how they deal with the weather, as it will give you a chance to workshop ideas while giving you confidence that a bit of drizzle isn’t the end of the world.

Don’t even begin to worry about the photos

Too many brides see rain as the ultimate enemy of the perfect wedding shot. On the contrary, a rainy day can make for some incredible photoshoots if the photographer is prepared with the right gear. If you don’t believe us, do a quick Google search or check out some of these stunning shots and you’ll see how the forecast can be used to your advantage. Whether you’re carefully shielded by matching umbrellas or dancing in the street soaked and barefoot, let the magic happen!

Tackle everything with a smile and make it your day

It’s natural to stress at least a little bit about your wedding — every couple spends a lot of time making sure it will be unforgettable. That said, don’t let yourself get so caught up in everything that you forget to have a good time. The ultimate key is to relax, be yourself and have fun! As cheesy as that sounds, it really will make the biggest difference on the day if you embrace the occasion and take any hiccups in your stride. If you get wet, so what? Hell will freeze over before that stops you from making memories to last a lifetime.


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